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Bob Morin

Robert A. Morin

Bob Morin has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Prior to starting MPCG, Bob was a Managing Director at Bear Stearns, and also spent a decade at Merrill Lynch. He is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), and has a broad background in leadership, mentoring youths, and participation in athletics. Bob is most proud of his tenure at the Office of Research and Development as the Director of the Annual Fund program where he helped to raise over five million dollars for the academic programs at CSULB.

In addition to being the Director of the Annual Fund, he was also a member of the Dean’s list while he attended CSULB. Bob has served as the Treasurer of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and chaired the finance committee at CSULB. He has also served as an active board member of both public and private foundations, helping to meet philanthropic needs.

Our Process

The Morin Private Client Group serves each client by looking at the totality of your life. We integrate your investment objectives with pressing financial needs and desired aspirations to create an all-encompassing plan. You can count on us to work closely with you in the following manner:

Step 1:
Personal Review

Before we issue any recommendations, we conduct an extensive fact-finding mission to identify your objectives, time horizon and attitude toward risk, as well as other factors that may play a role in shaping your investment strategy.

Step 2:
Asset Allocation and Portfolio Planning

Once we analyze your answers, we’ll develop a financial strategy designed to suit your specific needs. This plan may also address issues such as retirement, educational funding and estate planning, as well as tax-minimization strategies. We then present to you a comprehensive plan that helps to identify appropriate diversification strategies.

Step 3:
Implementing Your Plan

After presenting you with a detailed strategy for your portfolio, we work closely with you to bring the elements to life. Or perhaps you’d prefer individual securities, if so, we can identify specific securities from the universe of investments that may be suitable for your portfolio. Whatever approach you select, we will be there to encourage maintaining the discipline needed to help you reach your goals.

Step 4:
Monitoring and Reporting

As you would expect, we believe that ongoing communication is a vital component of serving you. We make every necessary effort to keep on top of your changing financial needs. This means monitoring your portfolio at your request, and when you feel that your circumstances have changed, we will try to make certain that your assets are positioned according to your evolving needs. If necessary, we will recommend adjustments to your strategy to address any alterations to your objectives.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.